Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World – by Tim Marshall – #bookreview


Awarded gold stargold stargold star on Goodreads.

Ok, so I didn’t read all 10 maps. I read about 4.5. This is well written, informative, and interesting but non-fiction just doesn’t hold my attention the way a good story does.

If you’re interested in the ways geography impacts population growth, migration, and geopolitics, both now and in the past, this book is a MUST. Important questions get answered. Like, why did Africa become the less developed continent? What concerns have dominated Russia throughout its history? Why is the United States such a dominant world power? Why was Europe the root of modern civilization? The arguments are convincing. I image one day I’ll pick this up again and try to read the rest.

More about Tim Marshall, a British journalist, author, and broadcaster. 

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