Strong Netflix Recommendation


Just watched the most delightful four-part documentary series called THE TOYS THAT MADE US, an original Netflix Production.

(youtube trailer)

It’s informative, witty, and creatively edited — very enjoyable to watch. And relevant to all generations.

Part 1 – Star Wars

Part 2 – Barbie

Part 3 – He-Man (and Shera)

Part 4 – GI Joe

There are tidbits like how George Lucas was forced to sign a licensing agreement with Kenner Toys that gave him only a tiny return on Star Wars figures. And then how he eventually got his revenge.  How men in charge at Mattel tried to keep Barbie from being developed and would have succeeded except for the women working there, including one of the co-owners. The impact on He-Man sales when the company launched a companion line for girls. And how the extinct line of GI Joe products got a second life from Ronald Reagan. It’s really fun!


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