What Should We Make of This?

For a moment, let’s put aside that the US ranks ninth in the world among countries with the top indicators of socioeconomic success, but has the 31st highest rate of gun violence and can’t seem to enact any effective gun control. Let’s ignore that the 2000 World Health Organization report ranked the US health system 37th, after places like Colombia, Malta, and Saudi Arabia and just ahead of Slovenia and Cuba. And, for now, we’ll set aside the longstanding injustice of racism that pervades our country.

What I want to know is WHY:

  1. when we have a narcissistic and petulant child running the country, even though only 25% of registered voters picked him,
  2. when Republicans control both the White House and Congress but STILL can’t seem to accomplish anything except putting more money in the hands of already rich people,PG_2017.06.26.US_Image-00-0
  3. when our international prestige is at its longtime low,

then, why is it that the stock market continues to make seemingly relentless and unprecedented advances?S&P_BSE_SENSEX_Chart

Isn’t there supposed to be some connection between success in business and how the country is actually doing?


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