Just Mercy – by Bryan Stevenson – independent book review – Non-fiction

mercyAwarded gold stargold stargold stargold stargold star on Goodreads.

This shocking, mesmerizing, sobering and, at times, unbelievable first-person account by Attorney Bryan Stevenson about his work representing marginalized clients simply CAN’T be missed.

Based in Alabama, a state with one of this country’s highest execution rates, Stevenson has dedicated his career to providing free legal services to poor, black, young, and otherwise underprivileged clients on death row or facing excessive prison sentences.

This is an ideal choice for anyone:

• Who believes the U.S. legal system dispenses justice most of the time.

• Who wonders we have so many people in prison.

• Who thinks minors who commit criminal acts should be treated differently than adults

• Who believes we have largely achieved the goal of equal rights in this country.

• Who wants to understand racism in America.

• Who believes that lack of money and privilege is no barrier during legal proceedings.

• Who wants to truly understand how the criminal justice system in America operates.

Bryan Stevenson

It’s well written, suspenseful, even inspirational at points. It may even redeem your faith in humanity. And if you don’t wind up wanting to contribute to Stevenson’s Equal Justice Initiative, you must be made of steel.

More about Bryan Stevenson.

You can also donate to Equal Justice Initiative HERE.

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