Still Me – by Jojo Moyes – independent book review – Fiction

Awarded five stars on Goodreads. Here is the completely satisfying conclusion to the three-novel ME BEFORE YOU series by Jojo Moyes, where every page is a joy to read. In fact, I consider this is the best of the three books. It’s mature, fully believable, and has lots of of delightful surprises. Still The Louisa Clark story continues, with Lou determined to take on New York City alone and maintain her new romance with Ambulance Sam by long distance. She becomes the paid assistant to a very wealthy “trophy” wife, joining a household with much more hired help and friction than she bargained for. Lou is working hard to balance the difficult role,—part paid help, part friend to her very sad boss— who, it turns out, is hiding her own secret. At the same time, Louisa becomes immersed and captivated by the protected world of wealthy 5th Avenue — limos to take you everywhere, elegant charity functions to attend, and expensive designer gowns. (Moyes delightfully nails the excess, self-absorption and superficiality of upscale NYC.) And in the midst of all the difficulties of a long-distance romance, there’s that handsome and ambitious Wall Streeter, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Will Traynor, ardently pursuing Louisa. But, as months go by, Louisa makes some interesting discoveries. There are less glamorous sections of the city. There’s more to the nasty widow who lives down the hall. And there are limits to the loyalty in an employer-employee relationship. It all compels Lou to take another look at what truly makes her happy and who she really wants to be. I think what I liked best in the way this story unfolds (and I read it in 48 hours) is the unexpected twists and turns — so I was always puzzling how the book could possibly be resolved satisfactorily. Yet, Moyes did it. She managed to end this series that is less about the tragic death of Will Traynor and more of a coming-of-age story about a thirty-ish Brit who turns out to be her own extremely likable heroine.
Jojo Moyes
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