The Art of Hiding – by Amanda Prowse – independent book review – Fiction

A riveting plot from the very first page. Grabs you immediately and the pace only picks up from there, until the very last page. Awarded four stars on Goodreads. HidingNina, a product of humble beginnings now has it all: a handsome and financially successful husband, two boys enrolled in a prestigious private school, a huge suburban home you might see featured in Architectural Digest, and money to burn. But is she happy? Then, Nina’s world is suddenly turned upside down, making readers wonder how this pampered princess will manage. Against surly children, faithless friends, and distant family connections. And of course, Nina herself. It’s really a story of her personal transformation in the face of adversity. Well described and completely believable at each step.
Amanda Prowse – photo from her Website
This is a book filled with drama, tragedy, and the power of love and courage. A very fast read. And deeply satisfying. Read more about Amanda Prowse who has written some twenty novels.

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