Georgiana Darcy’s Diary – by Anna Elliott – independent book review – Historical Fiction (England)

A Reasonable Profile of Georgiana Darcy. But that’s all. Awarded 3 stars on Goodreads. darcyAs a devotee of Jane Austen, I was, of course, compelled to pick up this novel, if only to spend a few additional hours in the company of one of her characters. But as Author Anna Elliott says herself – this is not another book that tries to mirror the style of Jane Austen. Instead, it contains excerpts from Georgiana’s diary, who now at age 18 finds herself in love, but believes that love is unrequited.
Anna Elliott Photo from her Website
I enjoyed being back in the company of Darcy, Elizabeth Bennett Darcy, Lady Catherine, and others from Pride and Prejudice. And the author does a credible job of keeping them all in character. But I still finished the book wishing Jane Austen had written Georgiana’s story herself. More about author Anna Elliott.

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