The Sleepwalker – by Chris Bohjalian – independent book review – Fiction

The darker side of sleepwalking. Awarded four stars on Goodreads.

sleepwalkerThis is one of the types of books I LOVE because it combines mystery, family secrets and the opportunity to learn something new. In this case – it’s discovering the dark, sexual and even dangerous side to sleepwalking. Who knew?

When the novel opens, it’s late summer, and Annalee Ahlberg – a blonde, beautiful and talented architect in her late 40s, and known sleepwalker – is missing. Not surprisingly her two children, 12 year old Paige and 20 year old Lianna, and her husband Warren are frantic. The police are investigating. And to complicate matters, Lianna finds herself increasingly attracted to detective Gavin Rikert.
Chris Bohjalian
Chris Bohjalian then skillfully begins to unravel all the secrets, VERY slowly. Because it turns out that EVERYONE has something to hide, including the detective.
It’s a very well written book that pulls you along at an increasing pace so that the last third of this book becomes an intense page turner. A very enjoyable read.
More about Chris Bohjalian.
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