The Seven Sisters – by Lucinda Riley – independent book review – Historical Fiction


Promising beginning to a planned 7-novel series. Awarded four stars on Goodreads.

sevensistersMaybe even 4.5 stars! THE SEVEN SISTERS is the first in an ambitious series of novels Lucinda Riley plans — each telling the story of six girls, all adopted by the same mysterious man who lives in a castle on Lake Geneva. If this one turns out to be representative of the entire series, I am totally hooked.

This novel presents the story of Maia, the oldest. It begins with the death of her adopted father, Pa Salt, and the legacy he leaves each daughter, allowing them to learn more about their origins. Eager to avoid a reunion with a former lover, Maia decides she will pursue her past immediately, leaving Geneva for Rio de Janeiro, where her own clue points.

In Rio, Maia discovers the dramatic story of her beautiful ancestor, Izabel, born to a nouveau-riche coffee entrepreneur who is eager to achieve the status of a well-married daughter. As Izabel’s story slowly unfolds — from Rio to Paris and back in the 1920s– she finds herself among the artists creating Rio’s famous Christ the Redeemer statue that now hovers over the city. And by discovering Izabel’s story Maia is able to come to terms with her own dark secret.

Lucinda Riley

It’s a wildly inventive and suspenseful story, where you won’t know what’s going to happen next, including a zinger of a denouement on the very last page. Completely absorbing and unique! I’m off to book #2.

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