The Graveyard Book: Volume 1 – by Neil Gaiman* – independent book review – Graphic Novel

This is the first book of a two-volume, full color graphic novel. Awarded four stars on Goodreads.

graveyard1This is a 2015 adaptation of what originally was published in 2010 — a Newbery Medal winner. What makes the two 2015 books unique are that each chapter is illustrated by a different artist. Very Fun to see the characters morph as a different artist brings them to life. And a great choice for my first graphic novel.

Bod (short for “Nobody”) Owens is a toddler when he is first adopted by beings that live in a Graveyard. And he remains in their company (with the care of adoptive parents and a special guardian) grows toward adulthood, he learns much about the thin line between the living and the dead.

The story is imaginative, often suspenseful and mysterious, as Bod comes to learn the story of his origins and to recognize the possibilities of living life outside the graveyard. Probably NOT a good choice for children but certainly a great and engrossing read for both young adults and adults. I am now planning to read more by Neil Gaiman.

P. Craig Russell
Kevin Nowlan
Tony Harris
Scott Hampton
Galen Showman
Jill Thompson
Stephen B. Scott
Lovern Kindzierski
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