You Will Know Me – by Megan Abbott – independent book review – Fiction

Somewhat of a cautionary tale about the competitive side of children committing to excellence in sports. Awarded 3 stars on Goodreads but 3.5 stars might be more accurate. knowmeMegan Abbot tells the story of Devon Knox, a one-in-a-million star gymnast, despite a severe childhood injury. Devon and her parents want nothing less than an Olympic gold medal. It’s a suspenseful tale about the dedication required of all young athletes and the commitment and sacrifices their families make in pursuit of their dreams of glory. What comes across clearly in this story is the potential dark side of this narrowly focused lifestyle, where family and community aspirations exert untold pressure on the young athlete.
The first hundred pages seemed slow to me. But the pace increasingly accelerates after that, making the end of the book intense, as characters come to see the ways in which ambition shapes perception and morality. More about the author, Megan Abbott.

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