Dear Mr. You – by Mary-Louise Parker – independent book review – Autobiography (?)

Too much self-indulgence, not enough of interest to the reader. Awarded two stars on Goodreads.

mryouWhat you have here is an author, the actress Mary-Louise Parker (Nancy Botwin on Weeds, Amy Gardner on The West Wing, Harper Pitt in Angels in America), with a very distinctive, stream-of-consciousness writing style. Through a series of imaginary letters she writes to key people from her past, Parker releases (regurgitates, really) all the thoughts she had around particular events or experiences.

Initially, I found this approach interesting and the reminiscences absorbing. But the farther I read, the more self-indulgent the whole thing felt and the less interested I was in learning more.

Mary-Louise Parker
Gotta say, I like her much better as an actress than a writer.

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