A Paris Affair – by Tatiana de Rosnay* – independent book review – Historical Fiction (France)

This book is a collection of well-written short stories, all about some sort of marital infidelity, all taking place in Paris. It’s a quick read (about 114 pages in total) and I read every word.  That said, I can’t say it was a particularly enjoyable read. Awarded three stars on Goodreads.

parisaffairDepressing is probably a more accurate adjective. Story after story about families and marriages that fall apart because of different kinds of cheating. It left me with a dark feeling about the general integrity of husbands (they are mostly, though not exclusively, the ones doing the cheating) and feeling bad for all the small children that are part of so many of the families affected. So, just let that be a warning if you decide to pick it up.

I admit to being somewhat disappointed too because I so loved another book from this author, Sarah’s Key, which was remarkable.

More about Tatiana de Rosnay

* This book was translated by Sam Taylor.

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