The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion – by Fannie Flagg – independent book review – Historical Fiction (United States, World War II)

This is a VERY FUN read, Not great literature but a wonderful story that’s a quick read. Awarded four stars on Goodreads.fillingstation
Sarah Jane “Sookie” Poole discovers at the age of 59 that, instead of being descended from a grand old Southern family, she is an adopted Polish American whose family of origin ran an ALL-GIRL Filling Station in Wisconsin. The book moves back and forth between Sookie’s journey of discovery and acceptance and the tale of her birth family, including its fascinating connection to women pilots who served during World War II. Plus, you will get to meet Sookie’s adopted mother, a strong-willed, self-obsessed powerhouse who rules both Sookie and the town they both live in.

Fannie Flagg

Like all Fannie Flagg books, the writing is rich with Flagg’s dry humor as she weaves together this totally believable story that vividly brings to life the lives of women pilots during the war and the shameful way this country pushed them far from the limelight when their work was finished.

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