One Plus One – by Jojo Moyes – independent book review – Fiction

Quick read, great story! Awarded four stars on Goodreads.

oneononeOnce again Jojo Moyes comes up with several original yet flawed characters, adds an interesting plot and turns it all into a page turner where you aren’t quite sure how things will work out. (But you hope that they will.)

Jess Thomas is the single mother of a math whiz girl and a teenage stepson. She cleans homes for a living, struggles financially — but somehow maintains an optimistic worldview.

Ed Nicholls is one of her clients – a self-made software success story whose personal life leaves much to be desired. How these two lives become intertwined around an unlikely road trip to a math olympiad is the basis for the book. Along the way, there are a few substantial moral issues raised, including the difference between right and wrong, and some truly horrific bullying moments that left me emotionally drained.

You shouldn’t have any problem sticking with this one.

Jojo Moyes

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