The Goldfinch – by Donna Tartt – independent book review – Fiction

For me, this was nothing short of a masterpiece of fiction! No wonder it won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Rich, emotional, and profound are just a few descriptors that come to my mind. Awarded five stars on Goodreads.goldfinchTHE GOLDFINCH is not just WELL-written, but BEAUTIFULLY-written. Don’t be put off by its length because you will fly through this page turning plot, with fully-drawn and resonating characters, believable dialog, and insightful perspective on us humans and our lives. It is also one of the saddest books I’ve ever read.

The book tells the story of Theo, a teenage boy journeying into adulthood, after the sudden and tragic death of his mother. “The Goldfinch” is the 17th Dutch century painting by Carel Fabritius that accompanies Theo on his journey.

The Goldfinch Artist: Carel Fabritius 1654

Moving in and out are an array of fascinating personalities and topics and seemingly disparate strata of society- Russian emigres, furniture restoration, illegal drugs, child protective services, high society in NYC, loan sharks in Las Vegas, and art thieves in Amsterdam.

It’s also a story about human vulnerability where a single random event can completely redirect one’s life. About the core meaning of concepts like love, trust, and right and wrong. And about the role art plays for humanity.

donna tartt
Donna Tartt

You can’t help but become deeply involved in Theo’s life. You will feel his disappointment when those he depends on let him down. You will sympathize when he sometimes makes bad decisions. And you will worry about him until the very last page. Enjoy!

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