Paris: A Love Story – by Kati Marton – independent book review – Autobiography

An interesting, quick read, mostly for all the hob-nobbing the author has done with famous people. Awarded three stars on Goodreads.

Kati Marton‘s reminisces about growing up in Budapest on the cusp of World War II, her years as one of the first women network reporters, and her two marriages to needy ABC Anchor Peter Jennings and solid Diplomat Richard Holbrooke. Her efforts to recover from the latter’s death is an important theme of the book.

Kati Marton

Many of the most important moments from Marton’s life are connected to or take place in Paris – hence the title. But it’s much more a memoir than a story of the city. 

Among the people who make appearances in the book — George and Barbara Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Barbara Walters, and Pamela Harriman.

Marton’s marriage to Holbrooke and her years as a journalist let her witness some of the most pivotal news events of the last 40 years, like the selection of Pope John Paul and the most recent Balkan war.

More about the author, Kati Morton.