The Last Letter from Your Lover – by Jojo Moyes – independent book review – Historical Fiction

Easily deserving of the 4 stars awarded on Goodreads!  Maybe even 4+.

This is a fabulous page turner, much more a mystery than a standard novel. 

It has so many fun, juicy elements — wealthy socialites, amnesia, corrupt business secrets, multiple clandestine affairs, a war torn African country– all coming together in a saga that spans 40 years. With something for nearly everyone: 
• For Millennials, there’s a thoughtful comparison of how communication between lovers has changed
• For Mad Men fans, here’s another deeply disturbing look back at the institution of marriage during the 1960s. 
• For women, there’s strong validation for the ever-increasing life choices available. 

Jojo Moyes

JoJo Moyes constructs this book so skillfully that the deeper into the novel you get, the faster you’ll want to keep reading. Be prepared though. The final resolution really doesn’t come until the VERY LAST PAGE. But it’s worth waiting for.

More about the author, Jojo Moyes

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