The Lost Wife – by Alyson Richman – independent book review – Historical Fiction (World War II)

This author is one of my favorites and this is one of the first books I read from her. Her writing is lyrical, her stories well-crafted, and her characters have depth and dimension. Awarded five stars on Goodreads.

This one begins in Prague in the days before World War II. A young Jewish couple, Lenka and Josef, are planning marriage and a lifetime together. Until the Nazis invade.

The two are separated during the horrors of the war — invasion, occupation, and concentration camps. Not surprising, some of these descriptions are very difficult to read.

I don’t want to give anything away. But what happens to Lenka and Josef over the next several decades is a lyrically written love story that testifies to the power of love and the resiliency of human beings.

Alyson Richman

More about the author, Allison Richman.

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