We Are Water – by Wally Lamb – independent book review – Fiction

A complex story told by the voices of different family members — all of them believable and honest. With important lessons about the devastating damage done by secrets and the healing powers of telling the truth. Awarded five stars on Goodreads.

At its heart this is a story about love, family and relationships. Anna Oh, an artist, wife, and mother is ending her 27 year marriage to Orion, a psychologist. Because Anna has fallen in love with Viveca, the art dealer who is behind Anna’s success. And this decision is naturally difficult on her three grown children — twins Ariane and Andrew and the youngest, Marissa.

As Anna and Viveca go about planning a wedding in their small home town in Connecticut — there are painful resentments, secrets, and long-buried truths that begin to surface. About marriage, about family life, about the changing landscape of art, racism and American society.

One of the reasons Wally Lamb is such a gifted writer is his ability to make us empathetic with each character’s perspective. And in constructing this novel, Lamb gives each main character his or her own voice — allowing each to narrate different chapters.

Wally Lamb

There is both welcome humor and deep understanding in the way he writes about the the essence of our collective need for love and meaning in our lives.

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