Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations – by Mira Jacob – independent book review – Graphic Novel

TRULY Remarkable – A Graphic Novel Capturing Racism in America. Awarded five stars on Goodreads.

It’s all here! The angst of a committed mother trying to answer her mixed race son’s questions. The way even well-meaning white Americans too often lump together anyone with dark skin, making assumptions that unintentionally demean and marginalize. The hope Barack Obama’s election gave to people of color. The divisiveness of Donald Trump’s campaign, its impact on politically diverse families, and the disturbing concerns that have surfaced since his election. 

At the start, I was skeptical that a graphic novel could do justice to such complex topics. But it does. Cleverly, and oh so creatively!  Through simple but evocative images and spare text, this book is just as emotional, rich, and comprehensive as a more traditional novel. And somehow the style of the artwork actually enhances the message, rather than trivializes it. 

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Mira Jacob skillfully tackles many of the subtle ways racism is manifested in contemporary America, how disturbing it is for her to contemplate all the ways racism will impact her young son as he grows up, and the toll it takes on people of color to simply live every day in our society. Not to mention the tensions that arise between a mixed-raced couple. 

Mira Jacob

This is a quick read (lots of pictures). And very compelling. So, don’t miss it! It’s one of the most thoughtful and powerful  explorations of racism in contemporary America that I’ve ever read.

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