Photographic JACKPOT!

The stars must be aligned perfectly because here are FOUR separate photography competitions where the winning images are spectacular.

#1 – 2020 Drone Awards

I know using a drone sometimes gives a photographer an instant leg up. But it’s always mesmerizing to see the world from above.

“Tropical Bride” by Mohamed Azmeel. Winner, Wedding.
“I used the flowers and the leaves leftover from the decoration of a wedding, to make something creative.”

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#2 – Scuba Diving Magazine Underwater Photography Contest

This is just one of 14 underwater photos that you could stare at for hours. The colors alone are worth the time.

Overall winner Evans Baudin captured this whale shark apparently giving a ride to a group of about 50 remora off the coast of Baja California.

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#3 – Close-up Photography of the Year Winners

These photos are taken by amateurs but you’d never know it.

Winner Mike Curry captured this image of a butterfly surrounded by peeling paint.

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#4 – Daily Life in Vietnam

Culture, natural beauty, artistry, and hard work!

Photographer Nguyen Ngoc Hoa captured the arduous salt making process in a series of images like this one.

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