The Dark Horizon – by Liz Harris – independent book review – Historical Fiction (England)

This is the first historical novel in a series by Liz Harris about a fictional, wealthy British family, The Linfords. I chose it because I was granted early access to the second novel in the series and preferred to read the series in order. THE DARK HORIZON is a plot-driven, page-turner, quick read, with little subtlety and minimal character development. Put it in the category of a good beach read. Awarded three stars on Goodreads.

At the end of The Great War, rich-boy Robert Linford falls for poor-girl Lily Brown. Deeply in love, they marry and have a son. But Robert’s father disapproves of the marriage and feels he must intervene, for the sake of his son’s ultimate happiness.

Author Liz Harris

Lots of other Linford relatives come in and out of the plot — no doubt some will figure in Harris’ subsequent novels. There is not all that much that is historical about this novel. A couple of references to The Great War and the changes it brought to popular housing. The author includes time in 1920s New York City, where Jews are trying to establish better lives after being victimized by Russian pogroms. Also a very quick reference to the Wall Street collapse in 1929 and Depression that followed.

Otherwise, the book feels more like a family soap opera/love story that could occur in any time period. Since I don’t want to include spoilers for those who plan to read THE DARK HORIZON, let me just say that the end felt a bit unrealistic to me. But judge for yourself.

More about the author, Liz Harris.

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