White All Around – A Graphic Novel by Wilfrid Lupano with art by Stephane Fert – independent book review – Graphic Novel

NOTE: I received free access to this book through netgalley in exchange for writing an impartial review. Thank you Europe Comics. Publication Date: January 20, 2021.

I’ve only read a handful of graphic novels — I read WHITE ALL AROUND in just a few hours. It tells one of those little known but remarkably interesting true stories from US history, about the Prudence Crandall School in Connecticut in 1832 when the headmistress decided to admit students of color. Naturally, lots of trouble followed — overt racism, systemic racism, legal battles, prison and violence. Stephane Fert’s illustrations are dramatic and complement the story well. Awarded three stars on Goodreads.

I found however that the story itself had quite a few abrupt transitions. So much so that I wondered at times if some pages were missing. Perhaps because I was looking at a PDF version, the layout might have been different. The publisher, author, and illustrator are all French so perhaps there was a translation issue. But based on the little experience I have with other graphic novels, this one did not flow as smoothly as the others I’ve read.

Particularly interesting is the Afterword where author Wilfrid Lupano provides quite a bit of information about what became of many of the students at the school. Not surprisingly, many become prominent abolitionists.

I do recommend the book — especially because it requires so little investment of time and because the story is so worthwhile.

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