The Midnight Library – by Matt Haig – independent book review – Fiction

Engaging throughout, this is an easy-to-read, life-affirming, feel-good book about embracing all that life offers you. Awarded four stars on Goodreads.

Don’t be put off by the beginning, where protagonist Nora Seed feels like her life has no meaning and all she is good at is letting other people down. And PLEASE DON’T stop reading when she contemplates ending her life. (Suicide attempt warning.)

Instead, suspend your disbelief and enjoy Nora’s exploration of the The Midnight Library, where she gets to peruse some of the lives she MIGHT have lived.

Author Matt Haig offers all of us the chance to watch, vicariously, as Nora does what so many of us think about doing everyday — answer some of life’s most intriguing questions. What if I had stuck with that sport I was good at as a youngster? What if I’d not given up on my passion for music? What if I had married someone else? How would my life be different if I’d made even the smallest decision differently.

Author Matt Haig
Photo from Wikipedia

This novel turns out to be original, ingenious, full of surprises and pure fun! And unless you are a completely callous human – you will end this book feeling better about your own life and choices. Don’t miss it!

More about the author, Matt Haig.

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