One Last Stop – by Casey McQuiston – independent book review – Fiction (LGBTQ)

Let’s begin with the author’s own description of this novel (lifted from the novel’s Acknowledgments: “a lesbian, time-travel, subway rom com.” It’s an excellent summary and describes a book that is unlike any other you’ve read. I gave it four stars on Goodreads, which is probably a bit of a gift. 

23-year old August Landry has just transferred colleges, moved away from her smothering single mom, and moved to New York City to find her own life. A self-identified bisexual, she lands an apartment in Brooklyn with a supportive group of roommates, and a job waiting tables at a neighborhood pancake house. Then, one day, while riding the subway, spilled coffee leads August to meet a mid-twenties Asian woman, who is destined to transform August’s life.

This novel offers readers many things. It’s a novel about accepting love, even when it requires sacrifice. A chance to get to know a variety of gender non-conforming people, all of whom provide each other with family, love and acceptance. And it’s about August trusting others to help her solve a strange puzzle about time and space.

Like Casey McQuiston’s previous book, RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE, nearly all the characters in ONE LAST STOP speak with the voices of smart Millennials, while displaying a tolerance and loyalty those of us in other generations might well envy. There’s plenty of banter and humor. So much so that, for me, it prevented the characters from developing any distinct personalities. They all sound the same. 

Author Casey McQuiston (Courtesy of her Website)

Also, I admit stories about time travelers are not my favorites — so that aspect of this book was a bit over-the top for me. I suspect others will react much more favorably and playfully to it than I did. Still, I recommend the book overall. It turns out to be quite a lively snapshot of contemporary New York City. 

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