Award-Winning Photos from TWO Contests

Take a few minutes to appreciate the beauty around and above us!

  1. ASTRO2021 Photo Contest Winners

With entries from more than 30 countries, THESE IMAGES show the spectacular color of the universe and make a strong argument for protecting the night sky from light pollution.

See the ASTRO 2021 Winners!

Make sure to come back to see the second group of contest winners further down this page.

Deep in the Heart of Mordor
by Andy Campbell (Australia)
Astronomy Photographer of 2021

2. Sony World Photography Awards 2022 Winners

From a giant-tusked elephant to an airborne ballerina. From Mont Saint-Michel at sunset to an exploding volcano!

See 15 of the Sony Winners!

Fagradalsfjall in Iceland
by Filip Hrebenda (Slovakia)

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