The Cotswolds, UK Photographs – 2022

After five days in Cornwall (and a short excursion to the Bristol Apple store for a replacement computer cord), we passed through The Cotswolds.

Location of The Cotswolds

The area known as The Cotswolds covers 800 square miles that runs through five English counties — with rolling hills, golden stone, and adorable small villages.

Having been there twice before, this time, we explored a few towns we had never visited like Castle Combe, Lower Slaughter and Upper Slaughter (the last two, not surprisingly, very close to each other)

Lower Slaughter
Upper Slaughter

Then, a few hours the next morning in Oxford, just to see if visiting the University would make us smarter.*

View from the top of the church.
Lots of student tours happening all around us.
Architecture built to impress.

*And yes, we did feel smarter afterwards.

Next stop, England’s Lakes District.


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