Scotland – UK – 2022

The primary reason for this entire three-week UK trip was to spend time exploring remote areas of Scotland, focusing on the Scottish Highlands — an area made for windshield tourism.

The Scottish Highlands are all the brownish-yellow places shown in the map above.

This area offers some of the most spectacular scenery on the island.

No words are really necessary – just scroll down to enjoy a truly beautiful place on our Earth.

Many narrow winding roads.
Farms dot the landscape.
Visited the grounds of Balmoral.
A closer view.
The Queen Garden.
Another part of the Queen’s Garden. We learned that the extensive vegetable and herb garden is planted each year, timed so that produce becomes ripe beginning August 1st, when the Queen and her family arrive for the month.
River made famous 40+ years ago when Prince Charles fished while a shy and unknown Diana Spencer hid in the trees and watched photographers using the reflection in a makeup mirror. It was her first exposure to news people.
They were everywhere.
Loved the way this modest castle seemed color-coordinated with the surrounding sheep.
On the Isle of Skye
Lots of old castles to be visited.
Many places reminded me of the stark beauty of Iceland. This is the type of topography Scotland is known for.
Beautiful empty beach.
The largest peat bog in Europe, protected by the government.
Bucolic Scotland. With Tesla charger.
Dornoch Castle, now a hotel.
Our big treat, a night staying at Dornoch Castle in the Tower Room.

If you missed photos from earlier parts of this trip, check out:


The Cotswolds

The Lakes District

Oh, and one more thing. When you travel the back roads of a sparsely populated country, you never know what you’ll run into. Just WATCH a video clip we posted or paste the following link in a browser: We are the ones in the car.


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