31 Award-Winning Images – Travel Photographer of the Year Awards 2021

Travel is one of life’s great experiences. So, the winners of this content highlight some of the most beautiful and most discouraging sights in our world. With such variety: a comet over Stonehenge, worshippers heading for a Hindu ceremony, Ramadan breakfasts in war-torn Syria, garbage clogging a Brazilian harbor, an elderly Vietnamese shoemaker with his wares, a smiling mother with her child, and free-skiers in Alaska (photo above by Pally Learmond).

I was particularly drawn to the photo below, which looks so much like an idealized painting.

See all the Winners! Use the arrow on the right in the first picture to see them all. Sorry about the ads you’ll come across.

Mooringsport and Caddo Lake in Manitoba, Canada
(c) 17 year old Nayana Rajesh, runner-up in the Young Travel Photographer of the Year

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