Her Last Betrayal – by Pam Lecky – independent book review – Historical Fiction (England)

NOTE: I received early access to this manuscript in exchange for writing an impartial review. Thank you netgalley and Avon Books. Scheduled Publication: November 1, 2022.

One of the most suspenseful and engrossing historical fiction books I’ve read in years. Awarded four stars on Goodreads.

HER LAST BETRAYAL is Irish author Pam Lecky’s sequel to HER SECRET WAR (2021), which I have not read yet. But will now. Each book stands alone though I did discover a lot of what happened in the first book by reading the second. I recommend reading #1 BEFORE #2 because I wish I could have witnessed the story unfolding sequentially. Now, though difficult, I will make sure my review below AVOIDS spoilers — for BOTH books.

The entire book takes place between mid December 1941 and mid February 1942 — most of action over the last 18 days. At the center of this historical novel about World War II is Sarah Gillespie, the adult daughter of a dedicated Irish Republican. Sarah is asked to help the British government’s war effort by participating in some espionage work.

Unfortunately, she winds up being partnered with a nightmare of a more experienced American naval officer, Lt. Tony Anderson. A chauvinist at heart, he doesn’t miss a single opportunity to question Sarah’s competence or demean her. So, establishing trust between the two as they head into potentially dangerous work looks like an impossible goal.

Pam Lecky

As the plot unfolds, and despite their personal issues, Tony and Sarah are both dedicated to getting the job done. Their story is fresh and mostly unpredictable, with imaginative twists and turns. Because, after all, in espionage work, you can’t always know WHO you can trust?

A fast, enjoyable read I recommend, especially to all World War II enthusiasts.

More about the author, Pam Lecky.

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  1. I always prefer to read series in order for exactly this reason! You did well with your review though

    Thank you for sharing your review with the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge


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