Tanzania 2022 – Zanzibar

The final four and a half days of vacation was spent in Zanzibar, a short flight from Arusha Airport, which gave us our only glimpse of Mt. Kilimanjaro, out the window of the plane.

Zanzibar, an archipelago located 20 miles or so off the main coast of Tanzania, has a history tied up in the spice and slave trades.

Zanzibar has two main islands and many smaller ones.

And not just the Triangle Trade most of us are familiar with. Zanzibar actually has a thousand year history of providing slaves to different parts of the world.

We spent two days in Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s a maze of narrow streets, where Arabic culture is visible in its architecture.

Some of the most beautiful art was in the front doors of many of the buildings.

Don’t miss the door lock at the bottom of the photo.

There’s a beautiful church built on the sight of what was the old slave auction market.

We visited local markets full of spices and veggies.

And got to see what the inside of some of the larger homes (many of them now hotels) looked like.

All the large homes had open courtyards in the center like this one.

And one home we visited (now a B&B) had spectacularly beautiful gardens and a view of the Indian Ocean.

We also toured a spice farm where we learned how vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, and others grow.

And took a sunset ride on a traditional Dhow (wooden sailboat).

Our final two days were spent at a typical beach resort on the Indian Ocean where we rested after a very tiring 12 days.

More photos from the safari part of the trip:

Tarangire National Park

Lake Manyara National Park

Serengeti National Park

Ngorongoro Conservation Area


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