In retirement, I am spending more time in the world of books, photography and ideas and, when I can, feeding my passion for travel (at least I WAS, before the pandemic).

This blog focuses on:

  1. My amateur photographer’s appreciation for unique images.
  2. Random thoughts about gender, racism, politics, and making sense of the complex world around us.
  3. My own independent book reviews (without spoilers). You’ll see I am particularly drawn to historical fiction and my favorite topics are English, French, and Russian history and the two world wars. In addition to my site, my reviews are also posted (under the name HalKid2) on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookbub, Facebook, Twitter, Kobo, Google Play, and LinkedIn

Professional Reader80%

I am also embarked on the humbling experience of learning to draw and paint with watercolors.

My Professional Life

There were three phases to my professional life, listed here in chronological order:

  1. A news producer and news department manager at TV stations.
  2. A professor of broadcast journalism at Boston University’s College of Communication.
  3. A contract writer-producer-director of videos, animation, Web sites, and print materials for a wide variety of clients across dozens of industries.

I still apply my decades of writing experience to pro bono work for causes I am passionate about. If you’re interested, you can read more about my professional life.

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