The Forgotten Tudor Women: Margaret Douglas, Mary Howard & Mary Shelton – by Sylvia Barbara Soberton – independent book review – Non-fiction

Three historical names in the title that are unknown to most of us, right? Turns out there’s a good reason. Awarded two stars in Goodreads.

forgottenWhen I purchased this book, I thought it was historical fiction. It isn’t. So that alone set me up for disappointment. (I guess the cover image should have given me a hint.)

What I wound up with is a very well-researched, non-fiction account of three lesser known Tudor women:

1. Margaret Douglas – daughter of Henry VIII’s sister Margaret
2. Mary Howard – daughter of the Duke of Norfolk
3. Mary Shelton – first cousin of Queen Anne Boleyn on her father’s side

Though I’ve read a lot about this period, I did learn new information. But the entire time, I felt like I was reading a high school or college term paper and it just wasn’t very interesting. Even the events of their lives weren’t that interesting. Probably one of the big reasons they don’t get much attention.

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