The Vatican Princess: A Novel of Lucrezia Borgia – by C. W. Gortner – independent book review – Historical Fiction (Italy)

C. W. Gortner has created a great historical novel by fusing what is known about the Borgias with his own theories. Awarded four stars on Goodreads.

vaticanThis is the story of a truly terrifying family — relentlessly ambitious, manipulative, power mad, and violent. Arranging someone’s death is done as casually as ordering a meal and incest is nothing more than a minor embarrassment.

Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia) is the family mastermind, who lets nothing stand in the way of his family’s success. His son Juan (Rodrigo’s favorite) is a true sociopath. Another son, Cesare becomes the most feared man in Europe. Lucrezia, Rodrigo’s only daughter, has an historical reputation equal to her brothers. But it is Gortner’s contention that she was an innocent, her family’s pawn, forced into three marriages to further the family fortunes. Rodrigo’s supposed fourth child, Gioffre, a minor character in this novel, seems to be of questionable parentage.

The book is an engrossing glimpse into Borgia family dynamics and it shows us a group of people ruthless and totally amoral — who can justify brutality of any kind simply by believing they act in the interests of their own family. And there are some gruesome events described. Of course, horrible characters do make for a fascinating and suspenseful read, don’t they?

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Actor Jeremy Irons

You might also be interested in the 2011 ShowTime series, The Borgias, starring the fabulously talented Jeremy Irons as Pope Alexander.  Watch the Trailer.


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