Rules for a Knight – by Ethan Hawke – independent book review – Fiction

A Delightful Surprise. Awarded five stars on Goodreads.

knightSurprisingly sweet and deeply enjoyable, even for someone who is not a big fan of Ethan Hawke’s acting. This VERY short novel shares the wisdom of a knight on the eve of a battle in which he expects to be killed.

He leaves this letter to his young children – to help guide them through their lives on topics including gratitude, pride, courage, patience, grace, discipline, faith, love, and death. Each turns out to be a life lesson still applicable to us all. Woven into the chapters are stories of the knight growing up under the guidance of his wise grandfather.

Ethan Hawke

It’s a super quick and upbeat read, a wonderful book for adults and ideal for sharing with children. It could spark lots of productive family conversations.

More about the author, actor and writer Ethan Hawke.

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